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Take our self-guided tour of the LeaseComplete and see for yourself the advantages a Complete Solution™ can bring to your business.

The Complete Leasing Solution™

Take our self-guided tour of LeaseComplete and see for yourself the advantages a Complete Solution™ can bring to your business. LeaseComplete is a truly unique product and well worth a closer look. Please contact us to further discuss your software needs and schedule a web-based demonstration.

To request more information about LeaseComplete© and arrange for an online demonstration, please Contact Us.

Contract Display

LeaseComplete© features a robust accounting engine capable of processing equipment, transportation, consumer/fleet vehicle, agriculture, and specialty lease, loan, and mix portfolios.  Contract Types and Products supported include:

  • Direct Finance Lease
  • Sales Type Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Simple Interest Loan
  • TRAC Lease
  • Conditional Sale Contract
  • FMV Lease
  • Balloon Note
  • Amortized Term Loan
  • Interest-only & Principal-only Loan
  • Principal-plus Loan
  • Interim / Construction Funding
  • Brokered / Indirect Leases & Loan
  • Long-term Rental Contract
  • Rent-to-Own Contract

Contract Billing Frequency

Each Contract may have its own billing frequency with a full range of schedules available, including:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annual
  • Annual
  • Biennially

In addition, multiple payment arrangements including schedules for seasonal payments, step-payments, tiered payment structures, and skips, are available, allowing an unlimited number of options for contract invoicing.

Contract Variable Rate

Each Contract and Note Payable fully support a variable rate structure including:

  • Base index rate of your choosing (such as SOFR/LIBOR or a funder rate)
  • Rate spread above the index
  • Ceiling rate over term
  • Floor rate over term
  • Frequency of change per Contract
  • Method of change, such as payment change, term change, balloon adjustment, etc.

Tracking Bar

A tracking bar is shown on all screens to indicate the existence of any of the following exist for the record being shown, for instance, on a Contract or Customer:

  • Alerts or warnings
  • Reminders or ticklers
  • Document images or attachments
  • Comments or notes
  • Workflow checklists

A user-level option allows those tracking items to be shown alongside the inquiry screen itself, allowing the user to have complete visibility to the data and any comments, for instance, that may exist related to that data.

Contract Full Financial History

A complete financial history is maintained for all lease and loan Contracts, including booking, payments, invoices, and any adjustments. This history can be sorted or filtered by any column to make locating transactions simpler and the screen more user-friendly for the end user.

Transaction reversals can be accomplished with a simple, one- step process which includes the options to document the reversal and assess a fee to the customer (such as an NSF fee for returned checks or rejected ACH/EFT).

Contract Billing History

A detailed invoice history is automatically maintained for all Contracts over the life of the contract, including due dates, payment dates, and itemized invoice amounts. As invoices are created, new rows are inserted into this history and as payments are made rows are updated to reflect such. This data is used as the source of many aging type reports throughout the system, including summary and detailed reporting. In addition, it is handy for collections or account verification activities which may occur from time-to-time.

Edit History

005 - Edit History

A comprehensive audit trail (or “footprint”) is maintained throughout the System which records all data updated. This provides critical audit information such as which data elements were changed, the nature of the change (original and new values), the user who made the change, and the date/time when the change was made

Asset Display

006 - Asset Display

The standard Asset Management module provides comprehensive tracking for asset-related information, saving your team time and placing all information directly at your fingertips. Features include a complete record of all assets/equipment, including leased, inventory, and even sold/disposed units.

Unlimited assets may be tracked per lease/loan contract, across multiple locations per asset, to simplify the contract booking and maintenance process. Asset-level sales/use tax calculations allow a management of a single Contract with Assets spread across multiple taxing jurisdictions.

Additional collateral can be recorded and valued for an unlimited number of units per contract. These “non-owned” Assets are for tracked for credit security purposes and do not factor into the Contract’s capitalized costs or payment stream.

Asset Depreciation

007 - Asset Depreciation

Depreciation is booked and tracked at the individual asset level for accuracy and ease of reporting. Full book, federal tax (GDS), alternative tax (ADS/AMT), and state is computed for qualifying assets. Depreciation methods include:

  • Straight-line, including mid-month, daily, pro-rated, daily options
  • MACRS, including mid-year and mid-quarter conventions
  • Declining balance
  • Sum-of-Years-Digits

Federal bonus tax depreciation calculations may be optionally assessed by asset category for applicable tax service years and based upon allowable percentages.

Gain/loss valuations are computed per transaction and stored cumulatively over the life of an asset, thus giving you an accurate picture of your position in the asset at any given time.

Asset Equipment Specs

008 - Asset Equipment Specs

Create customized asset descriptions and specifications, including user-defined drop-down lists. All fields are searchable, making the task of locating a specific type of equipment in inventory a breeze.

Complete asset usage tracking, such as mileage and hours, with the ability to automatically assess overuse charges upon contract termination.

Property taxes can be tracked at the asset level, where renditions can also be filed for assessment purposes. Invoicing of property tax can be done at the asset, contract, or even customer level for convenience.

Asset Inventory

009 - Asset Inventory

Inventory tracking supports new or off-lease inventory as well as reference (non-owned) dealer inventory, to provide maximum flexibility.

Off-lease assets may be re-leased directly from inventory, reducing data entry and providing an accurate asset usage history.

A complete history of lease activity is recorded at the asset level to track the dates and number of times an asset has been placed into service.

The inventory module provides the ability to sell assets off-lease (immediately upon Contract termination) or directly from inventory, including pre-sale options and mass/group asset sales such as auction or fleet sales.

Credit Lines and Master Agreements

010 - Credit Lines and Master Agreements

Establish credit lines to track funding approvals per customer. Support for both revolving and non-revolving lines, with automatic calculation of availability and editing to prevent over-funding the line.

Multiple credit lines can be established by business line for a single customer, allowing simplified tracking and reporting of multiple business units.

The credit line can also be used as a master agreement with the ability to establish many contract-level defaults. This forces conformity to the terms of the master without additional user input, reducing errors and improving portfolio integrity. Much like credit lines, multiple master agreements can be established by customer thus allowing master agreements per business line for the same customer.

Insurance Tracking

The standard insurance module tracks insurance policies, carriers and agents in one location to protect your asset investment from damage or loss.

Insurance policy details can be tracked at any or all levels, including asset, contract, and customer. Policy details can be shared across levels, with information rolling up or down the chain, as necessary, to reduce touches (“umbrella policies”).

In addition, multiple insurance policies can be established at each level, allowing for split coverage, differing policy types or carriers, supplemental insurance policies, or placed coverage (both temporary and permanent placement) to supplement/replace existing insurance.

Record and enforce coverage minimums including collision, primary liability, secondary liability (e.g. bobtail, unladen, non-trucking), comprehensive, physical damage, trailer interchange, cargo, etc., with per incident & lifetime limits, and deductibles on each policy.

Insurance Attachments

Directly attach images of your insurance certificate documents to the insurance policy record to provide immediate access to policy details, expirations, authorizations, and other information without combing through paper files or other electronic folders.

Insurance Agent

Store information about insurance agents and carriers/companies in a centralized location which reduces redundant input and maintenance, while ensuring your contact information is always up-to-date.

Insurance agent and company information may be included in insurance reporting and queues providing easy access to insurance representative contact information for renewal follow-up.

Insurance Queue

Enhanced queuing/notifications for insurance expirations, cancellations, and coverage deficiencies.

Includes the ability to elevate priority based on variables including days until expiration, location, and outstanding contract balance.

Expansive reporting includes policy status, coverage deficiency, expiring/expired insurance, cancelled policies, and much more.

Collection Queue

The LeaseComplete© collection module is fully integrated into the core of the system and tracks delinquent, legal, bankrupt, or other specially classed contracts for follow-up. This ensures you have the information needed to document communication with the customer, record promises, and collect past due amounts in a timely, efficient manner.

Create an unlimited number of collection queues for varying circumstances, whether based upon days past due, legal status, contract deficiency, collection officer, or sales representative.

Assign users (e.g. collection agents, salespeople, etc.) to multiple queues, and multiple users to individual queues, to create automated worklists based upon your collection preferences.

Flexible prioritization of queued tasks allows you to highlight first payment skips or separately prioritize ‘repeat offenders’ independent of the general collection pool.

Create referral or escalation queues, typically monitored by senior collectors or managers, to handle special cases or difficult customers. Establish rules to ensure unhandled referrals are automatically recycled into the general collection pool.

The collection history remains with the contract for its lifetime, allowing your team to analyze customer patterns and tailor your collection strategy/approach uniquely for each individual customer.

Collection Customer Summary

View snapshots at the customer-level to include summary across multiple contracts, with one-step drill down to individual contract details.

Integrated contract-level accounting data is captured real-time under the customer-level collection summary, ensuring collectors are always working with up-to-date information, thus reducing time spent on each contract and eliminating the embarrassment of unnecessary contact with a customer.

Direct access from the collection queue for common activities such as full history searches, late fee waivers, payoff quotes, bank draft schedules, due date changes, and debt restructure/workout quotes.

Collection Customer Contracts

Quickly see a breakdown of all receivable for the customer by category including base/rent payment, addon charges, sales taxes, maintenance, and more.

Seamlessly access all customer contact details including unlimited co-borrowers, guarantors, contacts, references, employers and other relationships tracked within the system.

Collection Customer Comments

Create collection notes, reminders/ticklers, and record all follow-up activities in one location, directly within the collection queue or from the customer-level collection summary.

View all notes, comments, and follow-up in a single location for the life of the Customer.

Collection Queue Action

Quickly record collection activity via the “Actions” screen, which features user-defined drop-down selections for actions and delinquency reasons.

Record promises to pay, including amount, method, and anticipated date of receipt. Automatically tracks recorded activity to create “kept” and “broken” promise logs for each contract.

Comprehensive management reporting including summary of collection activity by user, delinquency reason, promise status, etc., for any date range. Spot trends in delinquency and develop pro-active countermeasures to reduce overall delinquency for the portfolio.

Notes Payable Summary

The LeaseComplete© Notes Payable Module provides tracking and accounting for bank or third-party investor funding to help cement bank relationships and ensure accurate profitability calculations for your entire portfolio. Here you can establish

Funding may be established at the contract or asset level, or create group-contract funding, to track debt and tie it to the underlying security for accurate profitability reporting.

You may book notes as either loans or leases, with the ability to customize terms such as funding amount, fixed/variable rates, payment method, interest calculation factor, due date, etc., to match the funder’s own accounting.

Notes Payable do not have to match the underlying Contract, thus providing additional flexibility with regards to how you secure funding.

Funding Source ACH

Record and maintain statement address, physical location, and multiple contacts for each bank, investor, participant, or other third-party funding source.

Produce bank draft / EFT interfaces (NACHA / PAP) by funding source, as may be required from time-to-time by third-party funders.

Establish booking and funding rate by funder, contract terms, and credit risk grade to automate bank rate tables provided by third-party funders.

Funding Facility

Maintain and manage your funding lines by funding source / bank, including revolving or non-revolving lines of credit. Expiration dates can be used to trigger reminders related to line renewals. Easily facilitate line reporting with the ability to report by both funder and credit line.

Use this feature to establish funding tranches under which a maximum amount is established, notes payable are booked up to this maximum, default rates/terms are enforced, and funding is requested from the bank upon close of the tranche.

Note Payoff Wizard

Wizard driven process to quickly and accurately reconcile the note balances to the bank, with automatic creation of adjusting entries in your general ledger.

Seamlessly and automatically payoff bank notes when contracts terminate, or separately produce a bank note payoff to match the bank’s payoff quote via the built-in Payoff Wizard.

Choose from a wide array of reporting options to satisfy your funder’s reporting requirements including receivable aging, net investment aging, transaction equity, performance, and more.

Internal portfolio management reporting is diverse and includes under/over funding transactions, gross and net profitability, internally versus externally funded transactions, comparison of rate trends between and among funders, and more.

Preventive Maintenance

The LeaseComplete© Preventive Maintenance Module provides a repair and service tracking tool for you and a value-added service for your customers.

Establishing a maintenance plan helps to ensure the required services and repairs are performed and funded on leased equipment, resulting a better maintained asset. This obviously aids in the likelihood that the asset will retain its estimated residual value at the end of the lease term and provides the lessor with a quicker turnaround when releasing the equipment.

You may establish an unlimited number of maintenance plans and related activity over the lifetime of each asset. Plan types include deposit/escrow type plans, as well as pass-through (unexpected repairs) and expense-only (reconditioning) plans.

PM Billing

One of the features is the ability to create a deposit plan on an asset which invoices an “escrow” component to your customer. This balance is carried on your books as a liability and tracked to ensure funding is available for scheduled maintenance and normal repairs. A plan service fee can also be charged to fund the cost of administering the maintenance account, which generates additional profit for your organization.

For unscheduled repairs and services, create a pass-through plan which only invoices your customer in the event of unexpected expenses. Those expenses may be invoiced as a single lump sum amount (with markup, as applicable) or via regular installments with the lease/loan payment.

Reconditioning and warranty repairs can be tracked with an expense plan, providing an essential component of return-on-asset (ROA) by tracking your turnaround costs. Limits can be established to prevent inadvertently “overinvesting” repair dollars into a given asset.

PM Service List

Scheduled service and repairs can be entered using industry standard PM Codes, as well as other user-defined repair codes and descriptions. Servicing vendors and contact information can also be recorded with each work order created.

Estimated service and repair costs can be entered to create a purchase order (PO) for the servicing vendor. Upon invoicing, the PO can be converted into a payable service, with tracking of the vendor invoice and adjustment to the expense amount, as required.

Multiple line items, each with its own PM Code and cost, can be established on a single service record. In addition, each service can include a markup which is tracked in your GL separately, usually as an income item.

PM Statement

For deposit plans, a plan statement may be produced by the system on any desired interval (e.g., monthly, quarterly, on-demand, etc.) to show itemized repairs and available plan balance.

Reminders can be established, queued, and letters/emails issued to your customers based upon pre-established service schedules. This ensures that the lessee/borrower is notified of upcoming routine maintenance and does not require your users to manually reach out to the customer for such.

PM Report

Extensive reporting is available on all aspects of your preventive maintenance and reconditioning plans. Reporting includes:

  • Repair history by asset, by make/model, by vendor, by customer, etc.
  • Customer statements
  • Service reminder letter
  • Aging of maintenance payments
  • Invoices by servicing vendor
  • Etc.

Images List

The LeaseComplete© Document Imaging Module allows you to upload and attach contract agreements, equipment schedules, EFT authorizations, disclosures, insurance certificates, UCC filings, and any other agreement related to your equipment portfolio.

Images are not just for your customer documentation. You may also track vendor service agreements, funding agreements, and other documents, attached directly to the vendor, funder, or other service providers for quick, one-click access directly in the system.

Image View

Document images are readily accessible directly from your display screen via the system’s “tracking bar”. With one-click, your staff can access all documents for a given customer, contract, asset, insurance policy, etc. There is no limit to the number of image records you can create.

Images Search

Extensive search capabilities allows users to search for images by type, date updated, customer or contract, and other parameters. A list is of images is then presented which can be further filtered or ordered to locate the documents or document types desired. For instance, search for all insurance certifications provided by a particular customer to research coverage limitations or contractual deficiencies.

All documents are searchable by type, category, name, customer, contract, or user-defined description. Faster than paper files or searching through an image drive – your team never has to leave the LeaseComplete© system.

Image Display

Supports nearly any type of file at any level in the LeaseComplete© system. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the following file types:

  • Adobe PDF files
  • Microsoft Office files such as Word or Excel
  • Photographic images such as jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, etc.
  • Text files such as txt, csv, rft, etc.
  • Video files such as mp4, mov, avi, mpg, wmv, etc
  • Many others

A configurable document library ensures your scanned images are stored safely and are easily accessible if required in bulk.

Security groups can be defined to limit access to individual images, ensuring they are visible only by authorized users.

Reports Screen

The LeaseComplete© Reporting Engine provides robust reporting throughout the system in real-time to ensure you always have access to timely information in a format that best suits your needs.

The base system features an expansive report library with over 700 standard reports, covering categories including portfolio analysis, audit, cash flow, concentration, credit, delinquency, expirations, general ledger, inventory, invoicing, note payment/funding, preventive maintenance, quoting, taxes, depreciation, and much more.

The entire reporting library can be searched by report name or description. In addition, the entire list can be shown in logic folders/groupings or listed alphabetically.

Apply various row filtering and sorting criteria to each report to create a virtually unlimited number of reporting options.

Report Output Options

Preview all reports in real-time via a variety of reporting output options including native PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, XML, CSV, and many other file types.

Email letters, forms, documents, or reports directly from the LeaseComplete© reporting menu to either internal users, dealers, vendors, or your customer base.

The native Crystal Reports reporting engine allows you to add your own reports to the reporting library with the most widely used industry standard toolset available. *(SAP Crystal Reports™ software required to create or modify reports)

Report Admin

Authorized users can manage report parameters with the “manage” button on each report. One click opens a comprehensive Report Administration control panel to facilitate quick changes to report row filters, sorting options, and default values, including those on standard system reports.

Existing system reports are delivered “open source” and can be easily cloned to create new, custom reports for your leasing operation. The System documentation contains step-by-step instructions for report customization. Unused reports may be disabled to prevent accidental access by end users. Security can be established by report to control which user groups have the ability to view or to export select reports.

Report Scheduler

The built-in Report Scheduler can be configured for any report to automatically run the report on a predetermined date and for predetermined criteria (filters/sorting). The report may be archived on your network or configured for automatic email, both internally within your organization and externally to customers, vendors, and funders.

Use this tool to automatically email to your customer invoices, past due notices, service reminders, expiring lease/loan notices, collateral/asset releases, etc.

Report Checklists

Any report can be linked directly to a screen providing the user one-click access from that particular screen. For instance, you may link a customer delinquency or payment history report to the collection queue screen for quick access by collection agents. Likewise, link a reminder letter to the Contract screen to allow the user to generate the letter on demand with a single mouse-click.

Users may even create your own custom report “favorites” list using the “My Reports” feature of the system. This feature allows a user to configure the report for their individual needs and access it with a single click from their LeaseComplete© desktop.

See recently run reports right from your desktop and recall those point-in-time reports at any time throughout the day.

Search Screen

The LeaseComplete© Search Engine is accessible on every screen and allows for unlimited data search and export throughout the system.

Search against any field or combination of fields in the entire LeaseComplete© database. No predefined or restrictive search field limitations.

All financial data in the search results list are summed and totals shown for each column.

Alter the search results list in real-time to change column order and/or the columns of data displayed.

Search Criteria

Powerful search options such as searching partial field contents, lists of values, and ranges make locating the data you need easy and user-friendly.

Create complex searches by combining criteria for an unlimited number of fields and using “and” & “or” combinations to restrict or broaden search results, depending upon your needs.

Comprehensive search capabilities include:

  • Exact data match

  • Data beginning with a given character or characters

  • Data ending with a given character or characters (e.g. last 6 of VIN)

  • A string of characters within a given field (e.g. partial name)

  • Numeric comparisons like greater than or less than

  • Date ranges

  • Empty or missing contents

  • Matches for a list of values

  • Exclusion option for all of the above

Search Export

Further filter the search results by column in a manner similar to MS Excel data filtering.

Group the search results by multiple fields to categorize results and create subtotals for each grouping in real-time.

Easily export your search results to common file types including MS Excel or simple CSV format.

One-click to display details on any row. The system retains your search list and marks your location within the search results to create an ad-hoc work list for you.

Screen Painter

The LeaseComplete© Screen Painter™ gives you the flexibility to customize screens for your organization, including terminology and entry requirements.

Use our simple drag-and-drop interface to alter the layout of any screen based upon your organization’s needs.

Rename fields throughout the system to match terminology your team currently uses. This reduces the learning curve for your team by eliminating the need to understand base system vocabulary.

Customize your usage of certain fields and change the field-level help to match, providing your team with on-screen help that is applicable to your business.

Remove fields your organization doesn’t use, saving your team time when viewing or entering data, and reducing the likelihood of data entry errors.

Screen Painter Value List

Create your own drop-down list of values for any field to ensure consistency of input and aid in readability and reporting.

Enforce your own data entry rules by making any field required or locking fields to prevent unwanted changes. You can also establish default values and, if desired, lock the field to prevent user override during entry.

Add unlimited user-defined fields to any screen. Your custom field is inserted into the LeaseComplete© database, properly typed, and shares the same customizable characteristics of any other base system field.

Rename or insert pages on a screen, based upon your needs, to better categorize data, move important data to the first page, or reduce the overall number of pages on a given screen.

Create default search options for every screen, including default search criteria (using any number of field/value combinations) as well as the default data display sequence.

Authorized users can customize screens in real-time using the “paint” button found on all display screens throughout the system.


The LeaseComplete© system strives to make the complex simple, and this is evident by the number of wizards available to your team for otherwise multi-step operations. Each wizard provides instruction and guidance for the end user, validating entry along the way, to task completion.

Wizard Rewrite

Some of the wizards available include:

  • Contract Booking Wizard, which provides for the setup of new contract booking.
  • Termination / Payoff Quote Wizard, which guides the user through the termination and payoff choices.
  • Contract Rewrite Wizard, which allows for in-place debt restructure or payment deferment.
  • Due Date Change Wizard, which provides each step to accommodate a courtesy due date change.

The system supports nearly 30 wizards in all to aid your team and reduce potential errors or omissions.

Security Features

The LeaseComplete© system packs a powerful feature-set behind a solid wall of security, which is both flexible and easy to manage.

Security is administered via the creation of dozens of unique user groups, each assigned specific access permissions. Users are created and assigned to a group that best matches their role within your company. This creates a flexible, configurable set of security profiles which can be created by your organization; no predefined hierarchy or system-limited profiles.

Security Screens

046 - Security Screens

Define access on a screen-level basis, with separate permissions for view, change, addition, and deletion of data.

Field-level security limits access to select fields while leaving other fields available on the screen for the user to view and/or edit. This feature allows you to lock and/or hide sensitive data from select user groups and control entry for important data elements.

Report-level security limits access to reports for select user groups by separately designating access to view or export a report.

SOX-compliance can be maintained via separation of duties with verification reporting of setup and usage as required by auditors.

A complete audit trail of security changes is maintained for historical and reference purposes.